Wave of Hope for the Future

You can support our schools by:

Bank Account

Wave of Hope for the Future
Banca Etica
Iban: IT18O0501803200000016955130
Swift (bic): CCRTIT2T84A
Bank Address: Via Parigi, 17 - 00152 - Rome, Italy
IMPORTANT: In the Iban the 5th letter is an o like orange, not a zero 🙂

PayPal & Credits Card

Donate Materials

You can also directly donate useful material for our schools

– educational materials such as notebooks, pencils, colored chalk, cute letters for children to write with other children in Europe, etc
– pre-packaged food to distribute to students during class such as snacks, energy bars
– art supplies such as paints, canvases, brushes
– soccer equipment such as shoes, shorts, balls, pins, etc.
– toys for children

Sapfous 9 & Arionos, 81100, Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece

Contact person 
– Costantino, +39 346 5147158
– Sanam, +30 695 5214063
– Stelios +30 638192519


Support our artists

Art Charity Auction​

Crowdfunding & Volunteering