Wave of Hope for the Future was founded by Afghan refugee Zekria Farzad in the notorious Moria refugee camp in Greece in 2019. WHF was a school for refugees, run by refugees. At its peak it gave hope and purpose to nearly 3 000 students in 4 schools in Greece and 1 school near Kabul in Afghanistan, which was sized by the Taliban in August 2021 when western countries left the country (we managed to safely bring all our Afghan teachers and staff to Rome through the humanitarian corridor of the Italian government).

Unfortunately, after the terrible war in Ukraine started in 2022, we faced a terrible drop in donations and support from European people for our activities in Greece. This, combined with ever stricter limitations on students’ access to the school and the relocation to Germany and other European counties of most of our refugee teachers, forced us to slowly scale down and finally close our activities in Greece at the end of 2022.

Since late 2022 we concentrate on supporting the right of women in Afghanistan to go to school. We organize secret schools in teachers’ private homes in Kabul and other provinces where girls can learn English, mathematics, geography, calligraphy and art. At present we have 11 schools with about 1.000 girls on a daily basis.

Educating girls is banned in Afghanistan. To preserve the security of our students and teachers, we have only anonymized and very limited communication on social media.

We will be very happy, though, if you want to know more about our work, or indeed if you want to help fund the schools.

Please get in touch directly at info@waveofhope.org to receive more info on our project in Afghanistan.

If you want to continue exploring our website to see our past activities in Greece, please click here.