Wave of Hope for the Future



Parwana Amiri


I am Parwana Amiri, from Afghanistan .
I started my collaboration with Wave Of Hope in Moria for two months, I was there as a teacher and when we could transferred to Ritsona camp , I found it important to start the same initiative in the camp as well , because there was no program for adults and insufficient education for children, I am coordinator of the team.
With a group of ten teachers and collaborators, giving several educational services to inhabitants of the camp voluntary.

For me teaching and organizing educational programs is learning, and sharing is getting as I could know myself being among people, having communication with them and sharing my knowledge with them Working in a self organized school have been my biggest interest and excitement, because it is a political influence to show the ability of refugees in making a community self sufficient.


Coline Marteret

Coordinator & Social media manager

I am Coline Marteret, I am from Nantes, a city in France. I am 23 years old. I am graduated in a law degree and I did a Master 1 of European and international law and a Master 2 of Management of European and international projects. I arrived in Lesbos in February 2020 to do an internship of 6 months with a legal NGO. I started working with Wave of Hope at the beginning of August 2020. I coordinate the field in Lesbos, manage the instagram account, and do administrative work.


Masiullah Habibzai


Masi is from Afghanistan but he born in Pakistan Karachi, and he got his primary education from Pakistan Karachi.

In 2014 he switched back to Afghanistan with his family and in 2016 he lived his home land with his family.
Now Masi is refugee in Greece with his Mother and 2 brothers,
He arrived in Greece and he used to live in Lesvos island for 16 months with his family.
And now he has been in Athens for 7 months.

Masi have interest to help people that’s why he decided to be a social worker and help needy people. He was a volunteer in Lesvos with deferent organizations,
He was a volunteer in @Connect by music for 3 months has assistant teacher.
and now he is Coordinator of @Wave of Hope since one year.

He believes on it, all humans are born free and equal in dignity and rights.


Mahdie Jafari


Hi my name is Mahdie Jafari I am from afghanistan and I am 17 years old I currently live with my mother and my little brother in Lesbos island in Greece in Moria2, I am teacher of English language and musician for playing guitar and piano… I work in wave of hope school about one year and half since November 2019 and I was teaching to women and men in level1 and level 2 ,our school was made by refugees for refugees,and after the fire we started to teach to students in Another place but with quarantine again it became close!and now we started to teach in the camp and have a new place in mitilini for our artists:)
For me education is the key for our future!the things that you can find your way in your life every where you are ,So I am trying to help to the children who are in need to have education the people who are in moria they are talented they want to do something they want to have school but the situation that they have made the life hard for them but we are still alive and will never give up!
I hope everything will be ok for all refugees and they could have a home and peace👌


Feraydon Rahimi


I am Feraydon Rahimi 43 years old from Lashkargh, Helmand. I have finished literature and humanities faculty I also have got 16 years experience in office furniture importation company I migrated to Europe for my children success and better future we lived in Moria camp for 3 months and now we are living in Malakasa camp for 1 year it has been 3 months since I started teaching 2 English classes for adults and kids my goal from teaching is to serve the community and share my experience with people my target is my children’s success and cooperating with my kind and also I wish glory pride peace and security for my beloved county.


Riza Azimee

Kids, sport and educational coordinator

I am Riza Azimee 29 years old from Herat Afghanistan I started with WHF since September 2019 as a volunteer in Moria camp Lesvos I worked there for 5 months because I was not able to speak English but I was really interested to work with them I used to motivate adults and kids to get education now it has been 11 months that I am working in Nea kavala camp I started a branch of WHF here with the help of Zikria Farzad to educate children and adults but this is not where I stop I have many activities to start in future my aim is to continue helping refugees.


Samiullah Habibzai


I am Samiullah Habibzai I am from Kabul Afghanistan I have a graduation in commerce and I have been teaching English for 9 years I joined WHF in July 2019 as advance english teacher my concern was to train more teachers and translators from refugees that they can be more helpful to other refugees and at same time I was giving training to other teachers too now I am in Swiss and I continue my work here again with WHF.


Sanam Ghale

Office Manager 

My name is Sanam Ghale and I am office manager for Wave of Hope for the Future art laboratory, where I specialize in Managing office, accounting, store stock management and engaging with clients. Previous year I was Managing restaurant, DJing, photography, videography and music composure.