Wave of Hope for the Future

Saeede Jafari


Saeede is 36 years old, she is a mother of two and she was born in Afghanistan. Even though she has always loved colouring, her experience as a painter started only eight months ago, when she was already on the island of Lesvos, and this interest was the main inspiration to join Wave of Hope for the Future.

She arrived on the island of Lesvos as an Asylum Seeker one and a half years ago, so she has a lot of experience and knowledge about the condition of refugees on the island. For Saeede, painting is a source of inner peace and a reason of hope for the future.

Atifa Akbari

Painter and Photographer 

Atifa is 19 years old, she is from Afghanistan and she is an eclectic artist. She has been gaining experience in photography and video making for over a year, as a student at ReFocus Media Labs. She has been collaborating with the Hope Project for over a year and a half. Alongside this passion, she has recently discovered her talent as a painter, practicing different techinques. She has been collaborating with Wave of Hope for the Future self organization since winter 2020.

She arrived on the island of Lesvos as an Asylum Seeker two years ago, in 2019.

Nawab Ali Abozari


Nawab Ali is 43 years old and he is a father of two. He is from Afghanistan and his passion for art began when he was a child. Growing up, he stopped painting for many years, but he always kept nurturing the dream of becoming a painter. It was only at around 35 years old that he began to paint again, studying as autodidatc and practicing with a friend.

He arrived on the island of Lesvos as an Asylum Seeker in winter 2019, and he has been collaborating with Wave of Hope for the Future self organization since April 2021. He enjoys the relaxed space of the Art Gallery in Mytilini, where he can concentrate on his art almost every day, away from the overcrowding and lack of privacy of the camp of Moria 2.0. 

Karim Dinganga

Painter, Ceramist

Karim is from the Democratic Republic of Congo, he is 22 years old and he already has a long experience with art, especially considering his young age. He has been active in the world of art since 2002 and he completed his studies at the Fine Art Academy back in his country, specializing as a ceramist. It was in 2013 that he discovered his talent as a painter. Today, his goal is to gain more and more expertise in this art.

He has been collaborating with Wave of Hope for the Future since May 2021.

Muhebullah Habibzai

Photografer and video maker

Muhebullah is 17 years old and he is originally from Afghanistan but he was born in Pakistan, where he attended primary school in Karachi. He is a photographer and short films maker, a passion that he had the chance to practice in @team_papalo_official, as well as with the Corona Awareness Team of Wave of Hope for the Future for three months in Moria refugee camp.

He arrived on the island of Lesvos back in February 2019, with his mother and his two brothers. After spending 16 months on the island, he moved to Athens, where he has been living for almost a year.

His dream is to become a professional photographer and to show the condition of refugees to the world with his work.

Soraya Maheen

Painter, Painting Teacher

Soraya was born in Chah Ab district of Takhar province in Afghanistan. In 2011, she graduated from BeBe Sarwari Sangari High School. After her graduation, she immediately started working as a teacher in Kaynat School and Abdullah ibne Zaid School. After gathering experience in this field for four years, she became a student of Curative Medicine at the Afghan Swiss University. She has a certificate of DEL from Azheer Institute and a certificate of CIT from Ama-e-Shamal Institute.

She studied painting and drawing at the Azimi Art Institute and her artworks have been exposed and participated to competitions.

She also has internship experiences with governmental institutions and with organizations active in social and cultural promotion.


She started working as a teacher in Wave of Hope For the Future from January 2021. She is now teaching painting, drawing and Calligraphy to WHF students in Kabul, Afghanistan and she currently has over forty students attending her classes.

Seyar Mobarez


Seyar is 15 years old and he is from Kabul, Afghanistan, where he graduated at the Khorshed High School. He arrived in Greece through the island of Lesvos as an Asylum Seeker seventeen months ago. He lived in Moria refugee came for nine months and then he moved to Athens with his mother and father over eight months ago. His family and he got asylum.

Seyar is working for Wave of Hope self organization since March 2021 as photographer.

His dream is to become a good footballer and a professional photographer and to help his country and other refugees.

Ahmad (Shukran) Sherzad

Painting Teacher

Shukran is from Afghanistan and he has been teaching painting for 14 years. He also has a passion for acting, and he gained experience in the field for six years, with roles in different programs and serials in different TV channels. He decided to leave Afghanistan and moved to Iran and then Turkey, where he lived for one and a half years. As life was not easy there, his wife and he decided to move to Greece.

In Lesvos, he came to know the school of Wave of Hope for the Future, he learned about its teaching programs for refugees, both kids and adults, and he decided to join. He met his brother-in-law and founder of WHF, Zikria Farzad and together they arranged one painting class for him. 

Lida Sherzad

Painting Teacher

Lida is from Kabul, Afghanistan. She completed her studies in Fine Arts nine years ago, and for the following two years, she worked in a non-profit organization (Ashyana). She also had various experiences of work with governmental institutions in her country, where she worked with unaccompanied minors for two years, and with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. She also worked in governmental as well as private schools in the district of Farza.

She decided to move to Turkey to join her husband Shukran, and later they decided to travel to Greece. On Lesvos, she reunited with her brother and founder of the school of Wave of Hope for the Future, Zikria Farzad. She joined the school, where she has been working as a teacher in the camp of Moria (and Moria 2.0) and as an artist of the Art Gallery in Mytilini for around one and a half years.